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All us use the internet almost for all, we buy, buy sell, we pay with credit card, we transfer money, we access to our bank, etc., but now also it is an epoch where the net is full of  Worms trying to access our data, then some of us, for security do not save our passwords and weak data on the computer and it is annoying to take every time the plastic card and to type the numbers and dates. Also, some times we type erroneously a digit and our purchase is rejected, and need to type all again!

But we live on the XXI century, all should be easinesses, all must be practical.

This is the reason we have created  the PASSWORDS SYSTEM software, to give you security and easiness.

This is a practical database with small records absolutely crypted through high value algorithms, t use different type of records for banking, credit card, phone, code paragraph,  email data and other critical information you do not give to anyone.

It is of easy use, only to validate yourself with a high encripted password when entering the first time to the software and choose from the list the record of encripted data you want to view. Copy this data to the clipboard and paste it to the aplication that need the data.

We use only high crypting algorithms to save the data and some personal ways to make them inacessible to other people.

data cardProperties:

- Software protected for a hign password.
- Database is encripted also and saved as random way.
- Only the own software can read the data, and the own software can't be decompiled.
- Maximum capacity of the software:  999 records (as security also).
- Can use two type of bank validations.
- Bilingual (english and spanish)

Windows requeriments:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
50 MB  HD

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