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Lotto Soft System, v.5, is the last version of our Lotto 6/49 based lottery software. The principal difference with other kind of lottery software is this program give most importance to analize the history appearing numbers of lotto from special perspectives, this is to say "as watch from a lot of different angles". Loto Soft System uses exclusive functions that permit to control and test that certain numbers in a defined lap time use to appear together or get rejected, or be the most appearing one or remain forgotten during a lot of time.

Loto Soft System watch from objective view every draw, using different type methods to find different models of appearing numbers. When we install the software,  the database of Spanish lottery get installed also (with all its near of 30 years draws) the user can and must adapt the database to their zone, state or country lottery (always 6/49 system) and enter the history of their draws (at least on need 100 draws to begin to have any valid answer from some functions).

security systemThe software use different statistical charts helping to select the favorite numbers, sometimes finding the number that "have the obligation" to be drawn in few next draws, this is good because on can use a fixed number for a combination.

The program is valid for the small gamer that only invest 2 to 8 raws in a weekly game or also for small group of friends that join effort to pay bigger combined raws.

For this bigger investments the software can create combinations with a lot of favorite numbers, with (or not) reduced method that  save a lot of money in investment, later on can filter the obtained file to take out some raws that have less probaility to be winning.

data cardA function allow the user to limit the history database to a define past date, like this the program forget all results from this date to present. This procedure is very useful because allow the user to work and analize the numbers "as if that time was the present", the statistics results are from that epoch too, also the favorite numbers, when this is made on can activate again the present date in the software, like this the user can know really if his analyze and work was efficient and would have good result in the future (relative future from the date the user was used as limit of the database), we call this like "travel through time"

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Functions and procedues:

13 statistic systems to analyze the history from different perspectives.
Different ways to create combination files of raws: direct, direct with fixed numbers, by reduced templates library.
Several filters to reduce cost: classic (shapes, sums, etc), by groups, by columns or rows, by balance groups and distances.
Simulating: allow to simulate through the database history one combined file to test how much winning draws would be obtained.
Scrutinize of a combination to find possible prized raws.

System requirements:

Windows XP, Vista ,Windows 7, 8 or 10
HD free space:  100 MB
Screen minimum 1024x768
Any printer  (optional)

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