New version 2

A better formula to play and win the Lotto (lotto 6-49, and any other system of lotteries based on Lotto that uses 4, 5, 6 or 7 extractions and use numbers from 1 to 99).

This software will solve seconds your eternal doubts of which numbers to play to be lucky.

It is a general rule that lottery players often bet repetitive numbers, some of them that come from certain numbers they like most, the day of their birthday, the day of the month, the number corresponding to the astrological sign, etc. etc .., but with these practices all they get is not to win anything, or rather, only perceive the 15-18% that is already programmed by lottery agencies to avoid customers to be discouraged at all.

But Lotto 17 comes to you to help to solve these drawbacks. With Lotto 17 you will recover much more than twice the % pre-programmed by the administrations.

How work
Lotto 17?

The program uses a system of algorithms that analyze the last 50 draws and automatically offers the 17 best numbers of that cycle, they are numbers that tend to respect regular cycles, which often come out regularly in the current cycle, therefore often have high output rates.

And why 17 numbers?

Because our studies have demostrate in each system of lotteries that there are a group of numbers that cyclically usually keeps an appropriate and regular rhythm of outputs, and this group almost always consists of 17 numbers. So with 17 numbers you get a much higher rate of recovery of your money than if you play 14 or 20.

If you just want to tempt luck, will you not be much more likely to choose your six numbers to bet from 17 than if you do it from 49? (or numbers used by your system).

For this reason our software work to get the best 17 good numbers at each cycle, you must have in mind that a Lotto system of 49 numbers with 6 extractions represent 13983816 possible combinations, while 17 numbers are: 12376, yes, it is still difficult to win a prize between 12376 but no point of comparison that made it from 13983816.

All you have to do is add each new drawing result  into the database, and compute again the calculations and statistics of the rhythms.

The 17 numbers obtained  it is advisable to use them for bets of next future few draws, around 10 to 15, then it is convenient to recalculate again to find a new cycle.

Very easy to use, just to click on a button and the 17 better numbers appear in 2 seconds.

Our program does not promise you to take out the millionaire prize in a few weeks or months as others may offer, this is impossible since you can not make statistics of all possible combinations since it would take hundreds of years of historical draws, but offers to you to drastically improve your profitability, the recovery of your spending on bets will double or triple at least.

In the new version of the program we have included interesting functions such as:

a) Possibility to maintain several databases and therefore control different lotteries.
b) Automatically divide the 17 numbers obtained between 3 bets to take advantage of the 17 numbers if you wish (4 bets for 4 ball system, 3 bets for 5 and 6 balls system  and 2 bets for 7 balls system).
c) Numbers valued in color to help you create your own division manually rather than automatic (we recommended automatic) by the program.
d) Program reliability checker: when you have a lot more results of 50 entered in your database you can use this option, it move you to a date on the past, for example 40 draws back, to calculate on that date the best cycle existing , then go ahead to future draws and check which numbers of 17 would have had success.
e) Interface: configuration of the program in the following languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese (the instructions for use are only provided in Spanish and English).

Very easy to use, very profitable, and with only a cost of

27 USD s (download internet version only)

This program can work  with any lottery system that use between 4 and 7 balls drawn (which make it applicable to many countries), although the best results are obtained with the standard systems of 6 balls. You can configure with numbers from 1 to 99 depending on the type of lottery in your country.


There are two reduction templates called "to 3" and "to 4" of the 17 numbers, but these templates only work with the standard 6/49 system (Spain: primitive lottery, BonoLoto, or equivalent in other countries), as sonn the configuration is different the access will no longer be possible. These templates were included in the previous version due to various requests received from users who liked to bet with reduced, but our studies demostrate that they are not profitable, however we continue to keep for users who believe in them. We recommend better only 3 bets which is the new system included in this version 2 and that drastically improves profitability in %.

Compatible with all Windows systems from XP to Windows 10


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