Screen windows of the program



The entrance to the program is protected by a password of high security that can be configured from a simple word, to other one  with a complex sentence.

As soon as the user  is verified  the main window appears (you can see an example on the left) where the listing of all data is shown.

According to each  type of entrance,  a different view of data window is showed  (there are five styles).

The main window (listing) is always visible,  no other aplicaccion can hide this list, then it is easy to use, simple copy and paste the data to the other aplication or to an IE form.


This window appears when you select a line of the list from the main menu (seen previously), in the example we have clicked the bank 1 line of the list.

All the usual data from a bank account is showed:

number of the account - name of the bank - address of the bank - phone of the bank - access name (to the account via internet) - the password - the pin (for automatic cashiers) -  swift  code (name of the bank in international code).

Two types of validations can also be included, according some preferences any bank use, certain companys give a security word and it is needed to select two or four position characters of the word. Other companys use two list of words, they give a word and the user must answer with the equivalent from the other list.   

The two ways are usually used to validate transfers via online or for phone banking.


This window appear when you select a card credit from the main menu. 


All data usually associated to a credit card is showed.




And also for the e-mail accounts there are a function will all data avalaible




If you need simple to save securely a phone number or a security word there are an option also



To save postal addresses there are also a style window.

You can use this style also to save some small phrases or lines of code.