Exclusive software for systems 6/49 of lottery (Lotto 6/49, Spanish Primitiva & BonoLoto, Lotto of  Switzerland, Lotto of the Canada, etc) 

Lottery systems based on the extraction of 6 balls of among 49 have a enormous
level of difficulty to reach the bigger prize, while the quantity of combinations that 49 balls can reach is 13.983.816,    that make impossible to work with enough statistics to make any good prediction.

For that reason countless computer programs have been created with all kinds of formulas to try to get that  luck appear with less time than the mathematically waited. Some of these softwares can help, since they use a reasonably logical system that increase the smallest normal frequency to obtain prizes of less value although usually without possibility of guaranteeing benefits, but for the bigger prizes they don't have any effect. Also on need to say that it is necessary to escape from some systems that promise to get the first prize with a few amount of time,  you should know that mathematical formulas and also magic formulas for this does not exist.

Now after exposed the difficulties let us present our new Lotto48 software.

It is a system that uses 48 of the total  49 numbers, betting in each raffle all them through 8 carefully calculated and prepared columns to use in cycles of future 8-16 draws with the exclusive goal of redeeming the most possible the investment with prizes of 3 and 4 numbers, while the user wait that with a reasonable amount of time the bigger prices appear.

We have spoken about a reasonable time, please don't think in weeks, not even in months. If you are a person that has necessity of money to pay the debts or the mortgage and you wait that our program (or any other one)  guarantees to solve your problems,  please abandons immediately this page since the formula that we present     it is not  for you, we repeat that the magic formula doesn't exist.

But if you have resolved your life although at a modest level, and you like to participate of the chance through lotteries and you does it habitually waiting with illusion that one day the luck arrive and  can improve all yours environment, then this program that we present now can be for you because it was created exactly for this goal. 
Observe the following screen of the program:

 pressing a button the program prepare the 48 willing numbers in 8 lines (columns to bet), this calculation has been carried out based on certain amount      of previous draws taken from the database (logically you need to maintain it up-to-date). The numbers have been located through an algorithm that calculate frequencies and unions that the mentioned draws have carried out in the last cycles. They are therefore data that  come from the recent past and that they are enough good to mark a tendency.

Once obtained that calculation the user should make filter the columns to avoid the those that have smaller appearance probability don't occupy the  place of other more frequent, this is gotten with the help of the list (watch at right of the picture).  Just clicking on four numbers on the black background grid on can balance both lines.

And now the most interesting:  we should adapt the 8 columns that come from the recent past to convert them to have tendency for the future. Observe the 48 numbers on the grid, they have different colors. Each color represents a quality level,  for example the red one (49 and 35 in the example) are those with maximum level of quality in the current cycle. Those of color magenta have quality with  an inferior level of to the red, then the greens, the yellow, the blue, the white are the coldest numbers and those of dark green (26) are non qualified numbers (or worse numbers).

Clicking in some of them,  numbers swap their position to another column that have more probability to appear in next draws, in the help file we explain the few rules to follow to do it.  It is very easy to do and only take 10 minutes of work to obtain all the numbers  optimized and they will give us the biggest possibility to obtain some prizes of 3 or 4 numbers.

Our system uses a recurrent way, let us explain, we let that numbers move creating its own level of quality until the circuit closes, then the cycle get closed  and need to re init again from zero quality. For this reason  not all the future draws can be calculated with a new combination, since when the             cycle is initializing the numbers don't still have any level of quality, this happen during 3 or 4 draws minimum, therefore in these stages they won't be possible to optimize, the solution goes by not using this draws for calculation. In fact,  we believe that a combination of 8 columns it is necessary to be maintained during  minimum 8 future draws, also sometimes when we observe that the present combination  is better than others for the frequency of         results on can prolong it up to 20 or even up to 25 draws, that is to say, until we see that definitively the combination no longer gives any return.

What you will obtain with the program?

If it is used correctly, frequently a recovery between 30 and 60% of the investment
is obtained (calculated in a cycle of 100 draws *),  in other words you play 8 draws for the cost of 4 or 5, and they are also optimized to obtain prizes of 5 numbers that it won't take a lot of time to appear, being also      optimized  for bigger prizes that  one day can arrive, although we repeat, this will already take its time. What is certain is that with the help of the  software the chance to obtain good money is more real than without it, is only a question of perseverance. * Remark: the calculations have been carried out with the database of Spain, for other countries or lotteries the % of recovery of the investment can be different,  with bigger or  smaller percentage, due to the proportion that each system or country uses to distribute the collection among between the different types of prizes.

This software is also ready to travel to the past.  We understand as traveling to the past the possibility that you can check the effectiveness of your work before begining to use it in real, to do it is easy, let us set the end point to 40 draws (results) before the present, now the program will work  its algorithm and calculations for this adjusted date, later the user filters and  optimize the combination. Once gotten on press the button:

and the software will scrutinize  the combination with the NEXT draw after the end date said before, like this on can test if there are real good results or not, in the example observe the numbers 7-9-48 they have been winning (they are with yellow backgrounhd color, please watch the picture at the top of this page.


- it should be used once to find a combination that must be invested during 8 to16 draws 
- the 8 columns should be used only to obtain the the average recovery 
- the necessary time of working with calculation and optimization it is of approximately 15 minutes (you need to do only once every 8 or 16 draws) 
- in 100 raffles the average of prizes can be usually between 30 and 60%
- if the user decide to do more investment it should calculate another different combination 
- the software is given with the database of Spain, the users of other countries must create their own database (in less than one hour on can do it). 
- it is absolutely necessary maintain up-to-date the database 
- compatible with any Windows from XP to Windows 10. 
- Interface languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese (but the help file is only in English and Spanish)

  System requirements:

   Windows XP, Vista ,Windows 7, 8 or 10
   60 MB HD disk
   Screen of  1024x768
   Any printer  (opcional)

31 euros. (download version)  (or 35 US$ aprox.)
(European residents need to add the VAT tax for their country)

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