To view any demo you must DOWNLOAD the defined file from next list and save it into any folder of your computer.

To download files simply click, or right click it, then select SAVE AS.

After dowloaded double clic to see the demo. To end the demo you must push the X key from you keyborder.

  • DOWNLOAD TAR-E.EXE (Tarotsoft1 ENGLISH - 657 K)
  • DOWNLOAD AST-I.EXE (Astro Soft System - ENGLISH - 615 K)
  • DOWNLOAD STUD.EXE (Astro Soft Student - SPANISH 436 K)
  • DOWNLOA D ESTA.EXE (Esta Soft System - SPANISH 406 K)
  • DOWNLOAD SCHARTI.EXE (Schart System v.5 - ENGLISH 800 K)
  • DOWNLOAD NUMERO.EXE (Numero Soft System - SPANISH 434 K)
  • DOWNLOAD QUIROW.EXE (Quiro Soft System - SPANISH 455 K)
  • DOWNLOAD MAGIC.EXE (Magic Soft System - SPANISH 622 K)
  • DOWNLOAD ICHING.EXE (Iching System - SPANISH 365 K)
  • DOWNLOAD GRAFOL.EXE (Grafol Soft System - SPANISH 605 K)

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